Grazia Made in Italy

Dreams and passion bring to great results, especially when they meet a strong will.

This was indeed the foundation of Grazia Lorenzi's career development and personal growth. Due to these qualities Grazia Lorenzi had the opportunity for career development and personal growth. Today she is the owner of a company that carries her name, the Grazia Pelletterie, located in Tolentino, Italy.

This company is the product of a strong will not to be just a number in a big leather company.

After earning a lot of knowledge working for many years in other companies, Grazia quitted her job. She started her new avventure as leader. She rent a garage and with some friends she opened a small company.

It was the second half of 80’s, a golden age for the leather companies who collaborated with famous brands even from abroad.

During these years Grazia had the chance to expand her company, making deals and meeting important work partners. Among them she started a collaboration with a company in Tolentino. The collaboration with one of the members of this comapany turn into a beautiful love story that lasts still today. Indeed not long after Grazia married Giovanni.

Giovanni quitted his job and the couple decided to work together in the Grazia Pelletterie.

It was 90’s and the company had 27 workers with great incomes and third party work from important brands. This prosperous period ended due to a big crisis that affected the leather industry at the end of the XX century. A lot of companies were made bankrupt.

The Grazia Pelletterie managed to fight the crisis, but Grazia and Giovanni should reduce the number of workers. They strengthened the production phase, increasing the quality of the products and looking for new channels for labour. So two years ago Grazia made another big step and she tried to realize her dream to create her own brand. The brand Grazia is a modern and refined line whose symbol is the Italian flag. This flag wants to stress that each production passage from the leather they use to the accessoires they put at the end on the bag is made in Italy.

In a period of economical crisis, Grazia and Giovanni have been brave and they proved themselves again. They invested money on themselves and on their territory, giving work to a young e-commerce society. This society have created the on-line website that Grazia and Giovanni use to sell their products all around Europe. This is a new start full of satisfactions for the two entrepreneurs. They have the chance to expand and to make their brand well-known abroad.

The company offers a lot of services from the design to the realization of the product. It guarantees puntuality, precision in the delivery and a well-organized production and distribution of the product. Moreover the company can realize custom-made products, unique items.

In conclusion we would like to wish long life to the leather industry, the made in Italy and the perseverance of the people of our region.