Main character of the Made in Italy

Our company has osted Giorgia, a young girl engaged in her thesis. The project, takes care to the world of fashion, fashion and leather goods in particular, analyzes all stages of processing, starting from the choice of raw materials, up to the marketing and communication techniques, for promotion of finished product. The fundamental aspects were: the artisan mastery in the design and manufacture of leather goods, the style and elegance of Made in Italy.

Grazia Pelletterie has been chosen as a leader company in this sector, representative of the True and Certified Made in Italy in the world !!

The artisan vocation in the art

The direct meeting with Maria Grazia Lorenzi, owner of the "Grazia Pelletterie snc" has allowed a clear understanding of what is the real identity of the brand, in order to reach, through the campaign, the objectives set by it . This whole series of information has been reported in a brief document, an important starting point that allowed me to start the work, selecting the benefits of the product, rationally and emotionally. Values that create value, an authentic luxury without comparisons, a classic that is always current reserved for lovers of beauty that are handed down from generation to generation.