The real Made....Grazia's story!

This is the Grazia's story.

Dreams and passions are, in fact, the fundamental ingredients that have characterized the professional and personal growth of Grazia Lorenzi, owner of Grazia Pelletterie, born from the desire to differentiate herself from other companies. Strong of its professionalism and sure of its qualities, the designer got fired and together with some friends started her adventure as a businesswoman in a garage. It all started during the second half of the eighties, the golden years for the world of leather goods that had consistently been committed with important national and foreign brands. Grazia has concluded important trade agreements. Once started a relationship with a company in Tolentino, in particular with Giovanni Gobbi (who became Grazia's husband), the designer's activity began to take off. A fast growth has characterized the company that in 1990, had 27 employees and a lot of work for other companies (Il c.d "third account").

This excellent condition has changed to negative, over the years, due to the crisis in leather goods that has closed many factories. This condition has forced Grazia and Giovanni to change structure and organization and the number of people to work, but thanks to the passion and expertise they decided not to close. The two entrepreneurs have chosen to improve production thanks to its quality and to seek / develop new channels capable of guaranteeing the company's business. Two years ago, Grazia made a decision: to realize her great dream. Grazia has decided to create a line that has its name. Grazia is born. Grazia, a modern line cared for down to the last detail and whose symbol is the Italian flag, for its origin. Grazia wants every step, starting from the processing of leather, up to the last hinge to be done only on the national territory.

At a time of economic crisis, Grazia and Giovanni have invested in their work and in the territory with a job for a software house that has created the website and the page dedicated to online commerce. A sector that allows the two owners to live a second professional life, full of satisfactions and improvement. Grazia and Giovanni have bet. They made a bet and they won. They are people who represent the value and meaning of Made in Italy. Now we come to the product and my experience ... I present the trunk that Grazia gave to me. A compact bag, with modern lines in its classic model. A good accessory for every occasion: work and free time, which goes well with a "work" look or with a jeans and a shirt. Safety was the first sensation I felt when I touched my Grace, the trunk has a delicate hide, pleasant to the touch and resistant; the hinges are inserted in a workmanlike manner. The attention to detail is excellent! The beauty of this accessory comes from the ability to create a combination of classic form (the trunk is or is not evergreen ?!), personality of style and fashion. The fuchsia color stands out and contrasts with the gray hinge. A product that I would define as "a workmanlike" from which we can see the true Made in Italy, the result of the Italian experience, of the hands of the artisans ...